This page includes personal projects or work I did as a freelancer for various clients. Most of these were completed in collboration with my brother. Click on the images to view the screenshots of the projects. Titles and some information has been blackened to protect the client/self.

I have skipped my work related projects, you can find those in my resume.

Online Judge - Laravel, Vagrant, PHP, JS, RESTful API

Personal project, a traditional online judge with backend system to easily add questions, solutions, explanations and test cases. Follows all the best practices of Laravel 5.2, including middlewares for Authentication, Role control etc.

User Section: List of Problems User Section: Problem Screen User Section: Submission Screen Admin Section: Problem Dashboard Admin Section: Problem Edit Screen Admin Section: User Permission Screen

ThinkBinary - Wordpress

Single Page Website for a co-founded computer academy (details in resume). Full customized using Avada theme and a lot of custom jquery code. The site is full of interative modals and base theme code modifications to achieve desired results.

ThinkBinary Academy

A small script written in python to fetch links of specific domain from latest tweets. This script was created for educational purposes at a two hour MLIndia workshop that I delivered. As an example, we fetch all links that belong to domain “” from latest tweets.

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SnapAndBuy - PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, PSD-to-HTML

Ecommerce Development mysql, jquery, css, html, php Built the complete custom e-commerce website using jQuery, css,html, PHP and MySQL.

Snap and Buy - Ecommerce Website