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UMass Amherst.

Masters in C.S.

Graduates Dec, 2018

+1 (413) 345-9349

I am a second year Computer Science Masters student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

I have 2 years of engineering and applied machine learning experience at Microsoft Bing! where I built infrastructure to process high volume web-scale data. My major contribution was in Subintent Mining where I helped pushed 50+ Sub-intent models to production that impacted over 20 million Bing! queries.

I left Microsoft to co-found a small startup based out of Chandigarh, India called ‘Think Binary Academy’. At the academy, I conceptualized and instructed a specialized algorithms course for final year undergraduate students across North India. The entrepreneurial life was thrilling and involved a lot of learning.

On the lighter note, I enjoy early morning runs and occasional mountain treks. TV shows I can’t get enough of - Friends and Survivor. I feel strongly that quality education should be made accessible to all children everywhere. I volunteer and participate in communities working towards child education whenever I can.

I am currently actively looking for full time software development - Backend positions. I am excited about building optimized infrastructure to handle the large scale of a consumer facing product. If your's is such a company and is also working in machine learning, send me an email at Also check out my past projects and resume.